Certified Sustainability Rated Diamond

Third-Party Certification for Natural and Laboratory Grown Diamonds

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Consumers are increasingly demanding that the diamonds they purchase meet the highest standards of ethical and environmental responsibility, protecting people and the planet. SCS-007 Jewelry Sustainability Standard – Sustainability Rated Diamonds, the first comprehensive, multi-stakeholder sustainability standard developed for the diamond sector, satisfies this demand.

This groundbreaking certification standard applies to both natural and laboratory-grown diamonds, including any entity that handles the diamonds on their way to market. The standard establishes unprecedented benchmarks of performance and transparency, featuring: 1) stringent environmental, social and governance (ESG) achievement; 2) climate neutrality; 3) sustainable production practices with net zero impact; 4) comprehensive origin traceability for the highest possible source-to-market certainty; and 5) sustainability investments that support vulnerable communities, reduce net impacts further, and contribute to a safer world. All of this is backed by independent, third-party certification. No other standard provides this level of assurance to jewelry manufacturers, retailers or their customers. 


5 Pillars of Achievement

  1. Verified Origin Traceability: Guaranteeing the origin of each certified diamond through advanced testing, gem identification protocols, surveillance audits and sampling across the supply chain.
  2. Twelve Principles of Ethical Stewardship: Adhering to comprehensive environmental, social and governance (ESG) requirements.
  3. Verified Climate Neutrality: Achieving true climate neutrality based on the most stringent climate protocols addressing both current and legacy emissions.
  4. Sustainable Production Practices: Eliminating or offsetting environmental and human health impacts.
  5. Sustainability Investments: Creating societal benefits through investments that uplift vulnerable communities, clean the air and water, protect the climate and protect endangered ecosystems.
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Benefits for diamond industry participants include:

  • Accreditation to use the Certified Sustainability Rated Diamond ecolabel. 
  • Climate Neutrality designation when benchmarks are achieved.
  • Certificate of Achievement providing the transparency consumers are seeking, while describing significant social and environmental benchmarks achieved.
  • Certification Report providing technical substantiation, describing every aspect of sustainability, and the evidence used as the basis of the certification.
  • Demonstrated conformance with stringent international norms and customer expectations.
  • Marketing assets for use on company webpages, in advertising, at point of sale, and in corporate marketing materials, conformant to SCS and regulatory guidelines.
  • Built-in continuous improvement roadmap to support ongoing ESG leadership and achievement of Net Zero Impact Production goals.
  • Highest confidence throughout the chain of custody based on use of proven testing and traceability technologies and practices.

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