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Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance Program

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Mines can now demonstrate their commitment to responsible resource extraction and meet the demands of manufacturers requiring increased due diligence on the mined inputs for their products. More industries are being asked by regulators and consumers to deliver responsible products to the market, especially manufactures of jewelry, electronics, building products and automobiles. Leading mining companies can now prove to their buyers that they are meeting these demands through an internationally recognized independent verification program - IRMA.

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  • Industrial-scale mines can document their leadership and build value for proven responsible performance.
  • Purchasers of metals and minerals can source from mines that meet a full array of leading practices in social and environmental responsibility.
  • Local communities, workers and civil society impacted by mining can have a voice in the process and convey social license for mines that are socially and environmentally responsible.
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Why Choose SCS as your 3rd party verifier?
  • SCS has 35 years of global auditing and certification experience to leading social and environmental performance standards
  • We are IRMA’s launch-phase partner – helping to operationalize the certification system and certify the early adopting mines
  • SCS has extensive experience with certifications focused on responsible management of natural resources and stakeholder engagement (e.g. Accredited Certifier to the Forest Stewardship Council, Marine Stewardship Council and Alliance for Water Stewardship)

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