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As part of the Climate Pledge Friendly Initiative, Compact by Design is a sustainability certification program developed and administered by Amazon and validated for integrity and functionality by SCS Global Services. Compact by Design was developed to recognize products that have a more efficient design in terms of size, weight and packaging. With the removal of excess air and water, products certified Compact by Design require less packaging which makes them more efficient to ship and leads to carbon emission reductions. Amazon is using its Compact by Design certification to address climate change, demonstrate transparency, leadership and integrity.


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As a leading, independent third-party validator, SCS works with Amazon and other companies to establish and implement tailored sustainability frameworks and benchmarks that bring business value and elevate awareness of environmentally responsible business practices. SCS completed the Phase 1 validation of the Compact by Design platform and process, which consisted of a baseline assessment of the overall program and methodology as well as a review and validation of three product categories. SCS’ validation confirms the integrity and functionality of the certification thereby giving consumers assurance about the work Amazon has done and will continue to do.

  • Validation Framework

The Compact by Design platform was created by Amazon to identify products that have best-in-class “unit efficiency” which takes into consideration the packaging volume, weight and number of uses associated with the product. The goal of the certification process is to reduce carbon emissions by encouraging brands to design products that are lighter and smaller with makes them more efficient to ship.

Architecture and Workflow

The validation process followed the following steps:

  • Unit Efficiency Calculation: The unit efficiency is calculated for each product in a given product category. The formula for the unit efficiency was determined after thorough research, viability and practicality.
  • Threshold Setting: Qualification thresholds were established by product category using the unit efficiencies calculated for the products. Products had to be below the threshold to qualify for certification.
  • Qualification Determination: The Compact by Design platform includes an automated qualification engine that determines if a product meets the category thresholds. Data from product catalogs are initially used to determine the category thresholds.
  • Product Audits: Compact by Design includes an audit process that uses a dedicated support team to review product type, usage and pack size. The intent of the audit is to maintain the integrity of the program and ensure the program bar remains high.

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