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PopSockets Announces The Future is Plant-Based

A Multi-year Impact Program to Mitigate Climate Change and Inequality Through the Power of Plants

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A clear phone case with a Popsocket on it in front of a field of flowers

Today, PopSockets, maker of expandable phone grips and lifestyle accessories, announces The Future is Plant Based – a multi-year plan to harness the power of plants to address climate change and inequality through product and social impact innovation.

Product innovation will focus on incorporating PlantCore™, a carefully curated mix of plant-based, fully recyclable materials, into new and existing product lines to reduce their carbon and environmental footprint. Social impact innovation will center on partnerships with non-profits and impact entrepreneurs who are working to increase access to plant-based foods and reduce food waste.

"The Future is Plant-Based is an exciting refinement of our impact strategy that will help us more effectively achieve our mission to build an enduring global brand that has a growing positive impact on the health and happiness of the planet," said David Barnett, Founder and CEO of PopSockets. "Climate change is an existential crisis that must be addressed swiftly, and plant-based strategies offer a simple yet highly effective way for companies, governments and individuals to take action."

PopSockets became a Climate Neutral Certified Company in August 2022 and has received SCS Global Carbon Neutral certifications on approximately 90% of its products. Certified products, which include PlantCore™ cases for iPhone 14 and PlantCore™ grips, will also feature a Climate Pledge Friendly badge on Amazon for easy identification by consumers who want to shop sustainably.

PopSockets is also investing in innovative climate solutions through partnerships with Farmlink and Climate Refarm, two entrepreneurial organizations working to create new classes of plant-based carbon offset projects that reduce food waste and facilitate a migration to plant-rich diets, the two most impactful global strategies to address climate change according to Project Drawdown. The company is also proud to be supporting PLANTS + PERKS, the world's first plant-centric employee health & wellness portal, as one of its first investors and US-based customers.

To address inequality further, PopSockets will expand its 'Plant Positive' program with Partnership for a Healthier America to up to one million servings of fresh fruits and vegetables for families in need. The program, which pairs sales of its top-selling PlantCore grip line on with a donation of $2 (5 servings) to PHA's 'Good Food for All' program, has already far exceeded expectations, surpassing its initial goal of 150,000 servings by 2x.

"Our ultimate aim with The Future is Plant Based is to provide a model for innovation that encourages collaboration and action to leverage the power of plants," said Sandeep Patel, President and CFO of PopSockets. "We remain hopeful that reducing food waste and migrating to plant-rich diets will equip the world to achieve its climate goals and feed a growing population sustainably."


About PopSockets 

Launched in 2014 by former philosophy professor David Barnett, PopSockets makes empowering, expressive, and playful products that help people phone better. PopSockets has sold over 244 million phone grips in 75 countries and now has an expanding ecosystem of related products, including phone cases, wallets and mounts. PopSockets aims to become an eternal positivity machine--an enduring global brand that makes an increasingly positive impact on the health and happiness of the planet. Impact initiatives to date include its Poptivism platform and ChangeUp partnership that have resulted in over $4 million in cash and product donations to over 400 non-profits, low-friction recycling programs with TerraCycle®, use of 99% recyclable and FSC certified packaging, Fair Labor Association accreditation status, and adoption of an animal-free policy.

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